Getting in shape and staying in shape isn’t easy. In fact, for the majority of us it’s hard! And what makes it even harder is feeling like you need to already be in shape just to join many fitness programs out there – or feeling like you don’t fit in when you finally do get there. How are you ever going to be consistent enough with your fitness to see the changes you want if you feel uncomfortable all the time? Or if you have no idea what to do in the gym to get you where you want to be?

We get it. This is the reason why Bristol Wellness Personal Training was born. From day one we set out to build an environment that provides a supportive, non-intimidating place where normal men and women, with busy professional/family lives, can improve their health and fitness and maintain lifestyle changes – long-term! We support you at every stage of your fitness journey so you can be inspired and empowered to live life without limits.

We want to guide you and help you see you can have the quality of life you desire. We don’t want you to feel that you “can’t” do things because of your age, your health, or your physical shape. You can live the active life that you want in your 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond. You need someone to guide you and to show you how to overcome the challenges that inevitably come with your busy life  – and this is why BWPT exists.

BWPT was founded by Ben Winter in Bristol in 2009. From humble beginnings running training sessions out of an old tractor shed we have grown into a 1700sq ft facility in Long Ashton, right next to David Lloyd and Ashton Court with a team of qualified coaches dedicated to your success. We started with just 1 client and have now helped thousands of fellow Bristolians improve their health and fitness over the last 10+ years. We are a local, family owned business, and we truly care about your success. You are not just a number here – you are part of our “BWPT” family!

Our members aren’t bodybuilders or young 20 somethings that just “hang-out” at the gym all day. Our members are busy everyday people, just like you, that balance work and kids with trying to sneak in those few precious “me” moments throughout each week to focus on themselves. Most of our members are between 35 – 65 yrs old. Many had not worked out for YEARS before coming through our doors. AND 78% of our members have been consistently training with us (2+ times per week) for longer than they have EVER consistently worked out in their ENTIRE LIFE before.

Whether you haven’t worked out since the 80s or just can’t seem to make time to take care of YOU we can help you achieve the lifestyle you want. To play with the kids, to golf, to feel young, to hike, to feel confident in your clothes, to have energy, to stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can”.

We specialise in providing the accountability needed to finally achieve consistency with your fitness to fundamentally change your life and be the best version of yourself for both you and the ones you love.

We’re ready if you are. Meet us halfway and take the first step: