What’s The Deal With Organic?…

Whats The Deal With Organic?…”


“Organic Food” has become a bit of a buzz word over the past 7 years or so. For many, it has been seen as a cool, hip and new way of eating food. It’s almost become a status symbol to some people who pile their shopping trolley full with fruit and vegetables baring green stickers. Of course, there are also many people who believe that organic food tastes better. Some believe that the food contains higher levels of vitamins and minerals, whilst others are just happy that their food isn’t sprayed with endless fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.


Organic Food had become a massively confusing topic in recent years and after a Food Standards Agency-funded study published in 2009, stating there was little or no evidence of higher nutrient levels in organic food, people are now starting to ask themselves “Is it worth the price?”


I’m a member of the Soil Association, I attend the Organic Food Festival at Bristol harbourside each year and I buy organic produce every week, I even raise my chickens in an organic fashion. So you could say I’m biased or you could think that I have done my research on this subject and I have come to such a strong conclusion that I am willing to live by it.

I don’t believe that Organic Food always tastes better; and in some cases organic food can be a little over priced. But let there be no confusion with the fact that organically-farmed food is indeed better food than conventionally-farmed food. Conventional petrochemical agriculture has existed for less than a century and our bodies are expected to absorb these chemicals with no complications. Our bodies are actually being used as a living, walking petri-dish experiment to see what these chemicals do to our body. Over the last few decades we have seen the advent of a national health care crises. Coincidence?


People say things like “I’ve been eating non organic foods for years and I’m fine, I don’t see what the problem is”

To these people I say “ If I dropped your apple in a puddle in front of you and then offered you the apple, would you still eat it? Probably not. What if I could show you the machines spraying the crops, setting off a rainbow of chemicals that fall on our foods day after day, would you still eat that apple?” Ignorance is bliss. But I believe ignorance is leading us down the road of ill health.



Organic foods are raised as closely as possible to the way in which nature intended; with no interference from chemicals. You can’t beat Mother Nature; she is not stupid and whereas Mother Nature added yolk to an egg to add essential fats and cholesterol she did not add chemicals to an animal or a plant to make them grow faster, bigger and with less interference by small insects. Unfortunately, that is what is now happening; many crops are grown from seeds genetically-modified with the capability of producing these very chemicals themselves. We are starting to interfere with nature and our health, and given that recent studies predict over half of the population will be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their life, it doesn’t seem like we’re doing a very good job of it.


Look hard enough and you will find studies that “Prove” that organically- farmed food is no better for you that conventionally-farmed food. However, I strongly urge people to take a closer look at who has funded these studies and consider what the primary aims of these studies may really be? On the other hand, thereare also a great many studies that support my theories on the health-promoting benefits of organic food, and as such, the argument will probably continue for many years to come.


Let us consider what are the effects on our environment?


Organic farming methods are sustainable for generations to come. Using organic farming methods, not only prevents harmful chemicals from being spewed into the air, but allows Mother Nature to heal itself. To increase the number of organic livestock and plants on our planet is to apply multiple plasters onto the various wounds that we have inflicted upon the very thing that is keeping us alive. Without healthy topsoil, soil unaffected by conventional farming practice, our planet loses the ability to absorb the carbon that we create, let alone diminishing trace nutrients in the soil that are absorbed by our foods and the lack of which is thought to be inextricably linked to various cancers.


Many of my clients tell me that although they understand that Organic Food is the ethical and healthy choice, they simply cant afford it. Now whilst that may indeed be true for some people, for many it’s a matter of what we choose to spend our money on. Healthy food or expensive cars? Nowadays we really need to live consciously, healthily and productively, or pay the price in with our health and with our children’s future environment.


The fact remains that Organic Food is food allowed to grow and flourish the way nature intended; with very little interference from man. In a world where we poison our lakes, chop down our trees, treat our animals disgracefully and pollute the very air we breath, it’s now time we gave something back. If we refuse to buy processed foods and the genetically modified vegetables and feed them to our family, the big farming companies will stop producing them. We can make a difference and vote with our fork.


The Bristol Organic Food Festival is Europe’s biggest organic food festival and is a great place to start on the road to a healthy organic lifestyle. The festival starts this weekend (3rd – 4th September) visit http://www.organicfoodfestival.co.uk/ to find out more and buy tickets.

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