This one is good. We’re excited about this. 👇

If you are a 1-2-1 VIP who loves training with us, and wishes they could do it more often. This is for you…

If you’re an Academy member who wants to train a little more in the run up to Christmas, or in the aftermath of Christmas: This is for you

The Game Changer 

The Academy offers:

Community ✅
Flexibility ✅
Training with different coaches ✅
Ladies only ✅
Discounted training ✅
Improved results across the board✅

If you’re a VIP this is your opportunity to test out the academy and see what all the fuss is about, to increase your training, add missing elements, get even more accountability and save a bucket of cash along the way.

How many?

Expires 31st March 2020, no refunds or transfers