Why are some people fat? And some people thin?

Why are some people fat and some people thin? Bristol personal training

It’s because they’re lazy glutton’s right, who can’t say no to food? ….

Never in history have we ever had such a percentage of the population that is overweight. It started with adults, then adolescents and now finally there are loads of young children too.

Why is it, that your neighbour can have almost constant bbqs with friends, drinking beer and eating rubbish, yet he/she can still look slim and healthy?

Why is it that little Sam and little Tom both have the same packed lunch yet Sam is slim and tall yet Tom is squat and chubby.

How come you can spend hours a week at exercise classes yet Wendy from your ante natal classPost natal bristol is already back in her pre baby clothes and positively glowing in her smugness?  (We all hate Wendy)

In an effort to help me explain, picture this….. A teenager eats food. A lot of it. More than anyone else in the house, constantly eating! And this teenager grows and grows and grows until they are no longer an adolescent, they are an adult.

Regarding the food they consumed we can draw two conclusions: Either they grew so tall and  in to an adult because they ate so much. Or, they grew so tall into and adult and therefore HAD to eat so much to facilitate this.

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My personal opinion is they had to continue to eat because they’re growth hormones were in overdrive and they had to eat excessive calories to facilitate their growth in to adult hood. In Fact that’s not just my opinion, that’s fact.

If this is true of a human when growing vertically. Why is not true of a human growing horizontally?

We already know that hormones control things like: Aging, Hair loss, Mood, Sex drive, Fertility Sleep habits, Height and Muscularity.

Maybe over weight people aren’t gluttons and sloths after all?  Maybe they’re falling victim to their hormones just like they’re teenage children, except they don’t get pimples and an attitude. They get slowly over weight.

Maybe this is why the low calorie, zero fat, high protein super vitamin pro biotic super diets people have  been using , have failed?

Maybe this is why 5 Zumba classes a week and 2 runs have barely touched the sides?

Because if our master controller, our hormones, is out of whack.. how can we expect to be slim and healthy and essentially, look and feel as good as we used to?

It’s more than calories in calories out. It’s more than “You’re greedy” , “You eat too much” , “Why don’t you just exercise” and  “You obviously don’t want it enough”

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It’s not your fault your not as ripped as the neighbours or as slim as Wendy , they just got lucky in the gene pool. But you can turn the tables and in 10 years time when their luck has run out, we will see who gets the last laugh.

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