Inspiration is internal, But motivation is external


To make a change to how you look and feel, takes inspiration.

Inspiration to think “I’m not happy with how I am and I want to be better” but having that inspiration and acting on it are two completely different things.

How many people do you know who have been on 10 or more diets with no success? taken up exercise after Christmas, only to stop a few weeks later? How many people do you know who constantly seem to be on a diet? but never loose weight. How many people do you know who constantly go to the gym but never look any better? Maybe I’m even describing you?

So we end up blaming ourselves, getting frustrated and eventually residing ourselves to the fact that “This is how its supposed to be”and blaming our genetics:


“I’m just supposed to be a bigger person”

“I don’t think I’m meant to be able to run far”

“I’m just not built to hold muscle”

When I hear this, all I hear people saying is “ You cant fix me Ben, I’m a wonder of science I am, eating well and exercising just doesn’t work on me, it might on others but not me, don’t waist your time”


Have you ever thought that it wasn’t your fault or your genetics fault at all? That maybe you were expecting too much of yourself?


When we get a tooth ache, we see a dentist, When we need an MOT done we ring the local garage. Need some flowers? We call the florist. But when we want to get in shape we try to do it ourselves….Why is this? Because we all did PE at school do we think we know how to make ourselves fit and healthy? Well excuse me whilst I make my mother a bouquet of flowers, I do own a garden you know.


Motivation is external.


If you want to get the best from your exercise and nutritional plan, it needs to be individual to you and it needs to be written by a qualified Fitness Specialist or a qualified nutritionist. Sure you can get workouts off of the internet, that might get you to point A, but all the Inspiration in the world wont get you to point B if you don’t have someone reading the Map for you.


You could also train with an inexperienced practitioner, or even a practitioner with an endless list of qualifications but with no before and after pictures and no real life experience. Its like getting to base camp at Everest and choosing the guide who’s very qualified and cheap (or expensive even), But he’s never climbed to the summit. So from base camp to halfway you have a coach and a mentor, but from half way to the top your just getting lost with a friend…..and paying for it.


At Ben Winter Personal training in Bristol we have passion. This is our profession. We have been there, seen it done it and got the T-Shirt. We provide knowledge, enthusiasm, accountability, and most important of all motivation.


But the inspiration to reasearch your Personal trainer using the web and magazines, and then start your training….. is totally up to you…

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