An Alternative Only 1 Mile Away

Dear Gym member

If your gym has recently closed let me firstly say how sorry I am to hear that.redwood map

Having worked in the local fitness industry for over 10 years I know how entwined in our lives a health club can be. Not only does it offer sanctuary and some ‘Me’ time. It also allows you to stay as physiclaly healthy as possible.

I can’t offer you another members gym. What I can offer you is the oppertunity to take your health and fitness to the next level, to look and feel as good as you deserve to and the best part is we are less than 4 minutes down the road.

My name is Ben Winter and I run a small personal training business on the Clifton College Sports Ground just down the road. We have hundreds of free parking spaces, acres of open green space and some of the most cutting edge exercise equipment in the South West.