Lose The Christmas Weight

My Tips To Lose The Christmas Weight…

We’ve all enjoyed a pretty excessive festive period I’m sure (some more than others 🙂 ) but now it’s time to get going again. We feel a little bloated, maybe a few lbs heavier and we’re stuck in a rut.

-* Wake up – eat something wrapped in cling film – eat something sweet – repeat. *-

The next few weeks offer the perfect opportunity to ‘Get back on the horse’

Here’s what I’m going to do and what I recommend everyone does this month to make sure you hit the New Year in the best possible position:

1) Clear the fridge out – You do not need to eat EVERYTHING in the fridge, cheese boards are a prime example of this. Just because there is some Brie and Stilton left in the fridge does not mean you have to eat it. Cheese is some seriously calorie dense food. Throw it in the food recycling and move on, you don’t HAVE to eat it.

2) Take some belated chocolate gifts in to work. Many of us still have tins of chocolate left in the house that we will graze on for the next few weeks, continuing with the ‘Diet starts tomorrow” mantra. However why not take them in to work? Leave them in the staff kitchen and let your co-workers go crazy. They think your carrying on the festive spirit – you avoid the sugar:  Everyone’s a winner!

3) Start exercising this week – It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, just get the ball rolling. Don’t wait until next week. You can’t possibly start every new years resolution, as well as starting working again, all on one day. Get ahead of the game and break the seal now. The sooner you start exercising again, the sooner your fitness will return.

4) Get serious about your health and exercise, stop going through the motions, write down your health and fitness goals for the year ahead and get focused. Take a look at events going on near you such as; 10k runs, half marathons, Tough Mudders etc and book one! Make yourself accountable to something or someone other than yourself.

5) Get a new workout! Kick start your regime and your metabolism with a workout you have never done beforelets move bristol

Either way we wish you a happy new year!


Yours in health

Ben Winter