I’m Hungry…

🚨 Beware of any ‘diet’ that says it will

“Leave you feeling full all day!” 😎😁

They don’t exist ✋

If we’re trying to burn fat ✅
Drop body weight ✅
Shred ✅
Improve toned look ✅

You need to get in to a deficit 🤓

You need to give your body a reason to go ‘foraging’ for energy (body fat) 🧐

Two types of hunger:

1) Hangry 😡
I need to eat, I feel dizzy, irritable, sleepy, and so so soooo hungry

If this is you👆

Eat 🍴

2) I’m a little hungry 😋
There’s an empty feeling in the pit of my tummy. But I’m focused, my energy is good, I can think clearly, I’m in a good mood 😁

This is the sweet spot 👌Stay here as long as you possibly can, and aim to hang here every single day for as long as you can before it verges in to hungry version #1

That’s where the magic happens.

Cultivate the feeling of mild hunger. Don’t avoid it, any weight loss diet that says you don’t need to feel hungry is lying, or relies on supplements to ‘trick’ your brain 🧠 🤢

Get comfortable being a little uncomfortable people 🙂

I Filmed a video right here that will explain in a little more detail 🙂