How to find the perfect food’s for your body shape…


Just a quick article today, But then again some times this best ones are. If you take away one piece of knowledge from the information I give you, whether in person or through this website. Let it be this…


People come in all different shapes and sizes, we already know that. Some people store excess weight on their faces, some on the back of their arms, some people walk around with excess weight around their waist whilst others have  slim waist and thick legs.

Why Is this?


Well different people will tell you different things. Many will say “Its genetics, and you cant beat those” true in some part.;

Other more educated souls might say “Fat storage in the body is dictated by hormone levels” a theory I also subscribe to.


But do you want to know what single rule of thumb will please both camps? What rule is so effective that our healthy ancestors lived by it for many thousands of years without obesity?

It works for diabetics, it helps stave’s off cancer, it helps you sleep well, increases energy and libido, decreases anger and anxiety, keeps your teeth white and strong and wont cost you the world.


But most importantly of all it works for everyone, weather your pare shaped ,apple shaped banana shaped or even pineapple shaped.




Here it is

If it wasn’t growing on a tree, walking around a field, swimming in the ocean or growing from the ground…….Don’t eat it

Simple…. But no one eats that way any more, and people don’t exercise enough either. And thats why people are sick tired and overweight.


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