How To Go On Holiday – And NOT Pile On The Pounds

It’s not easy to stay in shape whilst you’re away with family and friends. You’re enjoying a well-earned rest and for many of us this involves eating and drinking

6ce47052c41c4215fe0a4250f0e8dab9most things you like, and exercising very little.

The only problem is that the beach body you have spent so much time and money creating… soon starts to look a little ‘Puffier’ …. After a few more days it looks a little ‘looser’ and by the end of the holiday you feel like a beached whale.

How unfair is that! You spent months and months getting ready for this trip and within the first 10 days your already feeling a little self-conscious. Just as you were starting to get a nice tan!

I can tell you from first hand experience that I have spent many holidays doing exactly the above… but I’m done with it.

A few years ago many of you will know myself and Victoria travelled California – The land of six packs, Hollywood smiles and beautiful people, I had spent months getting ready physically for the golden beaches and I wasn’t about to let it slip.

I developed a few rules and tricks on that holiday– That I have adhered to since. In all honesty there is no way of coming back from holiday looking just as good and feeling just as fit as you did when you left. But you can limit the damage. You can still enjoy the good food, and wine and the lack of exercise – without falling to pieces. Here’s what works for me;

-15 minutes of exercise per day. I know it’s your holiday, but seriously, its nothing! On our most recent trip the only equipment I took away was a resistance band and an Ab wheel. 15 minutes of working our before I jumped in the shower at the end of the day kept my metabolism burnings and my muscles firing.ea

-At the beginning of the holiday, when you still give monkeys and still have the fire in your belly, book a class or a workout at the local/hotel gym. Either with a trainer or as part of a group. I’ve tried everything from 1-2-1 sessions, to bootcamps and I always look forward to them. It gives you the opportunity to train with different people in different settings, to learn new things and experience how people stay fit in that country. I often make great friends and learn new things, all before breakfast. Not only is it a bit of fun, you kick start your metabolism for the whole day and often end up booking in for one or two more. The key is to get one booked in as soon as you get there, other wise it never happens. (Feel free to drop me a line for recommendations)

-1 mini ‘fast’ per week. It’s impossible to say how important this is. It gives the body a chance to detox some of the nasty things you may have been consuming and allows your body the opportunity to start burning fat as fuel again. On these days I skip breakfast and lunch, drink water all day, and then eat dinner as normal. It leaves me feeling refreshed, lighter and happier.

-The deserts are the killer. If you have been abiding by the client success principals the chances are your sugar intake has been very very low of late. But when you give yourself a bit of slack on holiday, suddenly your body gets a taste of sugar again …and it likes it. Nothing will pile on the pounds more than sugar – go very very careful around the desert table, either avoid it or make it an every other night thing.

-Don’t drink your calories. This applies to life in general but when your away nothing feels quite as refreshing as an ice-cold coke. …Except maybe…water? p25golden-870x4001Avoid the massive amounts of dehydrating caffeine and salt and the fat storing sugar, with some of mother natures finest H2O.

-If you drink alcohol try not to make it every day, I know its holiday time but try not to do more than 2 days in a row, your head will thank you and your waistline certainly will.

Follow these rules and you wont finish the holiday ‘tanned but tubby’ More importantly you won’t head back in to the studio with a mountain to climb. Apart from that, have fun, stay safe, and wear sun cream.

Ben Winter PT

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