Cancel Your Gym Membership

There are literally hundreds of gyms in Bristol, now ask yourself “Do I use my gym membership enough?” bear that question in mind, and read on..

Before starting Ben Winter Personal Training, I put in the hours as a fitness instructor and later a personal trainer in various different gyms around Bristol.

During this time I became familiar with the term ‘Sleeper Members’Bristol personal trainers

This is a term given by office staff, namely management and membership sales, to members who have been inactive for a year or more; No trips to the gym, no exercise classes, no swims, not even lunch in the coffee house. Nothing. These are also members who have continued to pay in full their monthly gym fee of £60 or more.

There were strict rules regarding the sleeper members that essentially all boiled down to one thing. Do Not Contact Them. No birthday greetings, no newsletter, no deals and offers. Do not contact them, why? Because they might remember they’re wasting over £600 a year and cancel the membership!

“Let sleeping dogs lie”Bristol fitness

As much as 70% of gym memberships go unused in this country. Everyone starts their membership with good intentions: “I’m going to get in the best shape of my life” or “I’m going to lose 2 stones in time for my holiday!”

Unfortunately overwhelmingly most people fail. Why?

“The gym has all the latest equipment, the receptionist knows my name, they have free towels and an amazing sauna and steam room, I can even watch the TV while I run!”

Lack of accountability

No one’s checking your food diary and giving you individual advice and meal plans.

No one’s checking you’re making your workouts each week, in fact they would rather you didn’t come.

Not to mention that no one’s changing your workout every session, and writing you countless plans designed just for you and your goals, not a regurgitating workout that has been written for 5 other people that day.

Some people don’t need accountability, some people can religiously make themselves attend the gym 3 – 4 times a week, but most people can’t, And for MOneythose people I say cancel your gym membership. And save yourself £600 a year. Put it towards a holiday or next Christmas. Not on the world’s most expensive annual swim.

If you still want to get in the best shape of your life spend it on something else. Spend it on a personal trainer who will get you the results you want guaranteed.

After all what would you prefer, spending the next 3 months getting in the best shape of your life with a trainer? Or spending the next 12 months as a ‘sleeper’ on your gyms database?BEn before after_phixr

If you cancel your gym membership today you deserve a reward. Contact me now and i’ll send you a free meal plan and lifestyle manifesto and throw in a free PT session to boot!

Ben Winter

p.s The new year is fast appraching, dont be a sleeper member for another year, call me now on 07875471952 to claim your free session reward at our 1-2-1 private training studio. Speak soon