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How To Holiday – And Not Pile On The Poundsp25golden-870x4001

It’s not easy to stay in shape whilst you’re away with family and friends. You’re enjoying a well-earned rest and for many of us this involves eating and drinking




 How To Lose The Christmas Weightlets move bristol

We’ve all enjoyed a pretty excessive festive period I’m sure (some more than others 🙂 ) but now it’s time to get going again. We feel a little bloated, maybe a few lbs heavier and we’re stuck in a rut…



The Self-Destruct Button

Everyone has moment of weakness, the difference is that people who reach their goals…..




An Open Letter To Youletter

Dear Fellow Bristolian

Becoming fit or losing weight is something that nearly everyone wants to do, it’s the…


5 Tips to avoid Christmas Weight Gainchristmasn bimnge

Christmas is a hard time of year to keep your weight under control, so with that in mind I wanted to give you my 5 top tips for avoiding christmas weight gain.



Cancel your gym membership 

Bristol personal trainers

There are literally hundreds of gyms in Bristol, now ask yourself “Do I use my gym membership enough?” bear that question in mind, and read on..



Why Are some people fat? And some people thin?Bristol personal trainer

It’s Because they’re lazy gluttons right, who cant say no to food? There’s more to it than that…



The New Year Is Here… Time To Get In Shape

As your local personal trainer I would like to welcome you to what is
fondly referred to as ‘silly’ season. The time of year when every Tom Dick
and Sally are joining the gym, starting new diets and generally trying to
shift the christmas pounds. So to help you on your way….



Fad Diets Don’t Work

A friend of mine named Pete has always been in good shape. He’s the kind of person who can pretty much eat what he likes whilst staying lean and fit (The annoying kid!) but…




Is It Just Me Or Are Situps Useless?

During my time as a trainer in a large health club I used to see pretty much every gym member incorporate crunches into their routine but are they useless?



Whats The Deal With Organic?…

“Organic Food” has become a bit of a buzz word over the past 7 years or so. For many, it has been seen as a cool, hip and new way of eating food. It’s almost




What Is Paretos Principle And How Does It Effect My Health And Fitness?

Pareto was an Italian economist who’s observations on the business and culture of Italy went on to inspire Joseph Juran to name a concept/Theory after him.



How To Warm Up For Exercise




What is fitness?

When most people think of fitness they think of someone who can run a long way…




Training Like a Caveman Increased Fat Loss and Functional Strength

Our primal brothers and sisters may well have been on to something….





Cut off the fat? dont cut off the fat?…

Take the skin off of the chicken, Take the fat off of the steak, buy skimmed milk (Yuk) -We have been told for years that cutting fat out of our diets…



How to find the right foods for your body type. . .

If you take away one piece of knowledge from the information I give you, whether in person or through this website. Let it be this…



Inspiration is internal, but motivation is external…

To make a change to how you look and feel, takes inspiration. Inspiration to think “I’m not happy with how I am and I want to be better” but…



Ive gotta do my cardio. . .or do I?

Cardiovascular training has been the poster girl of every good exercise regimen for the last 50 years or so. Just go to any local gym and…




5 Questions to ask of any health trend…

Discover how to tell the difference between a fitness fad and a fitness truth…




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