Gio marchese

Gio Marchese

Gio is 32 years old and lives with his girlfriend Annie and his 2 daughters Mischa & Darcie . Gio has Trained and competed in martial arts for 20+ years including; 

TaeKwonDo, Boxing & Kickboxing – Coaching kickboxing for 15 years.
Functional strength & pads are his speciality to help burn a serious amount of calories and strip away body fat.
Gio is a Former World kickboxing champion (WKA) becoming champion at the world championships in Orlando Florida in 2012.
He is also a Former BRITISH K1 champion at bantamweight.

So no showing up late whatever you do!

In all seriousness Gio is an approachable happy and friendly guy who gets on with everyone. We are thrilled to have him as a member of the team. 

Bringing a calm, measured but direct approach to his training, clients gio uses the ‘Carrot’ approach rather than the ‘stick’ – prefering to encourage and praise, rather than shout and belittle.

Clients are often struck not only by the depth of knowledge Gio has on exercise, but also that a man who seems as though he wouldnt say “boo” too a Goose – is such an accomplished prize figher.


The perfect mix of professional and personable. Gio is a great asset to the team, and our members.


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